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Why We Shouldn't Blame the Bullies for the Recent String of LGBT Suicides

I like the general thrust of the article but feel bullies must be blamed. All of us are culpable of something, even if it's the very adult tendency to plant such subtle thoughts in the younger generations minds.

Kids, as someone observed, are poor listeners, but extremely astute copiers. Much of their failings are traceable to actions committed or not. There are many a time when the adults who should know better are directly guilty. We say bad words in kids' presence, we stereotype people, use crude jokes that give them negative education about others, etc. There are however times we step back and do nothing. Just as bad as scenario one.

Apportioning blame is akin to pointing fingers. That is only step one. The next level is to apply the Golden Rule, and as Mahatma Gandhi observed, "be the difference you seek to see in the world."
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