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U.S. Government Witness Testifies Gitmo Prisoner's Religiosity Makes Him Dangerous

Is Dr. Welner really a scientist? In a nutshell, Khadr is a danger because of a theory he hadn't read (Dr. Sennels), relative lack of westernization or personal remorse, access to information provided by the very people who captured Khadr and labelled him a terrorist! Hmmm.

John Stuart Mill defined truth as what's left when all possibilities have been eliminated. Is that what Welner really got here?

Continued detention of people like Khadr has merely reinforced their martyr complex and created heroes from nothing. It must have also unwittingly added numbers to the jihadists cause. Quite the opposite of what the "war on terror" set out to achieve. Hounding a religious grouping is of course a key rouser of sympathy for their cause. Majority love the underdog, of which Islam is here.

Like the various wars being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq today, and predecessors like Vietnam and Korea, it is all pointless. All it has done is irreparably created enemies to the US interest, and that hostility is likely to keep fueling the very problems shown by the Khadr's of this world.

Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results each time. If this clearly hasn't worked, why can't the US just try different tactics, e.g. dialogue? Assuming all Muslims are jihadists misses the point even before anything has began.
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