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The Tea Party and the Republican Party Are the Same

Factions have always existed, whether it's Hamas or within the PLO, or all manner of socialist leaning factions like the Baader Meinhoff and Japanese Red Army. I'm not linking terrorists with the "radical" Tea Party, but some similarities are also present.

The Tea Party seems bent on "redeeming" the Republican party's image, which, according to TP rhetoric, seems to have become soft. That might explain the ultra-conservative agendas currently being fronted by this party of traditional GOP members.

If you keep moving right of right, does it ultimately matter who is more on the right? A radical is just a modification of a more normal, mainstream supporter. I just think there's no deception, the Teas' are merely a variant of the GOP, but with a far more radical agenda. In a sense, their beliefs are retrogressive, not the values they stand for, but odd views about American purity, sovereignty and possibly immigration.

This Tea grouping goes back to early 2009, and was formed primarily to protest recent increases in government spending, particularly in President Obama's budget and economic stimulus package. That makes them non-Dems in principle, and coupled with their values, more right-wing. This duck certainly walks, quacks, and just looks like a duck.

I think by now the cat left the bag quite a while ago.
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