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Digital Democracy in Doubt

The piece is a good expose, informing the reader of very real dangers of electoral fraud. However, some detail is lacking, e.g. what kind of software runs the said e-ballot boxes. It would be good to know if they make use of a Windows-like, hackable system or UNIX-like, more solid one.

Secondly, why can't measures be taken to rectify such problems, if the weaknesses are already well known? No one system is utterly foolproof, and I come from regions of the world where vote rigging, sometimes very crudely indeed, is rife.

There will never be excuse for lack of supervision to any system, whether labor- or machine-intensive. Human supervision must always be a key factor. All systems are as strong and as weak as their creators, and indeed, the chief weakness of all systems is the human.

The article is a good start but the problems so identified are rectifiable. At least a significant number of weaknesses have already been exposed.
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