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Religious People Must Rally to Restore Sanity

I'd be willing to bet more people have been killed under religion than any other single cause of human mortality.

It's sad that religion, which is the one thing that ought to unite humans is the chief divisor of society. The Latin word, "religare," means "to bind." That might serve to explain the ills wrought by religion. Religion often creates bondage - to dogma, rules and suchlike - as opposed to liberating the practitioner. Religious bigotry created segregation and apartheid, in the latter's case, the Dutch Reformed Church's own twisted theology claimed an African was only "five-eighths human," thus paving the way for justification of whatever would be done to them.

Maybe Dostoevsky was right in postulating that with the deity dead, all was justifiable. This is a pity. Let religion and education unite, not separate. This I'm afraid though is a bridge too far. You and I though can be the difference we want to see in the world (Mohandas K. Gandhi). It starts with each of us.
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