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The Broken Global Banking System

Classic definition of a banker: "One who lends you a brolly when the sun is shining and wants it back immediately it begins raining."

Banking's description here is differs very little from the practice of shylocks and gambling. The latter is especially true because of using risk to create lending profiles and interest rates. Of course, the two practices mentioned have lots of unethical practices in them, notably extortion (and related blackmail), harassment of clients, illegal disposal of assets, etc. Is this much different from today's banking system?

How about collapse of much of America's banking sector, yet bonuses were still paid out to top managers! Was this a reward for work well done or even hard work? Is this article surprising in content?

Banking has changed, with poorer economies like Bangladesh and Kenya pointing out the way with their micro-economic models.The latter features mobile banking (M-Pesa in conjunction with trade sites like Kalahari and banks like Equity). Concepts like PayPal can help people who've not been using banks in the past to save when buying products.

Mobile banking is easily accessible, especially to younger generations, and is far more fun when marketing. These trends will eventually phase out anything resembling the banking of old.
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