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Religious People Must Rally to Restore Sanity

You're right Mikdow. Crusades weren't about religion, that was the pretext. Jerusalem, subject of interest by christianity and the Saracens, was a figurehead, point of reference, a bragging point. Whoever won it first would be able to call out checkmate and thus "win" over the loser.

People of similar religion in Ireland, used the divide into catholic and protestant was a justification to either support England (the colonizer and predominantly protestant) or stand on the other side (catholic).

Relgion in ancient Egypt was used to create a master ruling class, who would in turn enslave others (the ruled), a model replicated by Hinduism in India, with Brahmins (priest caste), over everyone else, and in particular the lower castes from where much of labor and taxes emanate.

I still call this unfortunate and totally lacking in genuineness. Humans always seem to desire fights, and it's double sad when the deity's name is used as one more excuse.
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