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Trade War Is Here -- and We've Disarmed

This article sounds a bit like a coach accusing a rival coach of not playing by his own rules.

China (PRC) might be a WTO member but has a long history of failure to adhere to accepted norms elsewhere. This applies to human rights violations, but is there a reason it cannot extend to trade malpractices?

The mental orientation of the Chinese economy, ceteris pleribus, is socialism, with the people foremost in State planning of activities. All the nation's resources are shared out among the Chinese, as opposed to a more free market oriented, capitalistic economy like the US. Like the sports illustration, it is two vastly differing playing formations at work here.

A lesson for Congress and the US administrations, as China rightly focused on her interests, bipartisan wrangles allowed the "enemy" to sneak into the party and bond with guests, all the while unseen. Political chicken have come to roost and there's nothing the US can do to compel China to abandon her own interests.
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