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Restoring the Balance

[Entirely from the viewpoint of an outsider to American politics] is it a Dem thing to lean more on Wall Street's help in the country's economic affairs? I see the article linking Carter, Clinton and now Obama to such a trend.

That said, I like this statement, "The old economic models are broken, and a little entrepreneurial populism is exactly what is needed now..." What I see as comprising the National Economic Council is lack of mavericks on board. There are lots of established politicians, especially Obama's kitchen cabinet, but less of mavericks like Lee Iacocca.

Iacocca managed to turn around a relatively small economy (in comparison to US's), Chrysler, and he no doubt used radical methods not necessarily taught in MBA classes. Aren't those the kind of ideas an economy like that of the US needs to jumpstart?

Does this Council feature non-Dems on board? This is not the time for partisan politics as economic meltdown is a reality for all Americans, not just from one political leaning.

What might be needed here is a radical group of true thinkers, unafraid to try. The world does need a fresh infusion of ideas in all spheres, politics, education, social relations, etc.

To quote Art Williams: "Before you are the best, you've got to be good. Before you're good you've got to be bad. But before you're bad you've got to try." Why not?
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