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Lou Dobbs, Hypocrisy and Corporate Power

Even hypocrites like Dobbs reveal some truths about the human condition. We are all beneficiaries of roads, bridges we never built, nor wells we never dug, but forgetting is a human speciality. It is even more so once we've benefited, and then the railing begins. Dobbs, like the political types in Congress and elsewhere might just be a reflection of larger society or even ourselves.

The US is one of the economies that have benefited from other cultures, mostly foreign, but it's not unique. All major empires did, at macro level, just like all of us do at micro level. Can any economy, leave alone the US, function minus such illegal workers? Even here, one might not employ a foreign national, but we do employ child labor. Isn't that just a variation of this theme?

Hypocrisy is so deeply ingrained in the human condition that it would be near impossible to start highlighting specific cases. If the question of what you're doing about it was posed back to you, how would you go about answering it?
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