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If You Like the Recession, You'd Love "Speaker Boehner"

Certainly not an economist but can fault those four elixirs (love the word). The obvious, spending is what moves economies and the money supply. Money as an organic commodity grows stronger when in economic motion. I stand to be corrected.

Cutting the wealthy group's taxes is downright weird. How about taxing all less to make them spend more of the extra income they find themselves with? All incentives should lead to less savings. Again I stand corrected. One more note about the rich. In which country do the monied form the larger part of any community or society? Why then would you reward a clear minority?

Who can outspend a government? Even I would like to know. Government spending has created towns from nothing. A good example is towns that are set up around military bases and educational institutions. How would cutting back on this help the greater economy?

Building on my previous arguments, fiscal policy over monetary policy becomes a no brainer. However, in my own mitigation, I clearly am nobody's economist.
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