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A Muslim's Defense of Geert Wilders

True democracy will always be an ass, rewarding and providing platforms to demagogues like Wilders, France's Jean Marie Le Pen and the British Nationalist Party. However, even such provide outlets for certain groupings in society, the disgruntled (and disillusioned), pessimistic, social illiterate paranoids. It merely proves that they too have a voice, as should anyone else for that matter.

Society as structured today, especially in an urban setting, provides the biggest ever test on tolerance and suchlike. We unconsciously hold our ways of doing things superior to any other offerings, creating ground for bigotry and the kind of xenophobia as Wilders and company seem intent on. Yet all this boils down to insecurities that humans are incessantly plagued with.

Jailing him makes him a martyr to his core constiuency, thus creating an undeserving hero. What is the alternative viewpoint on this one from his immediate society and what does the administration of the day think? Such views could have provided some different slant to this piece and allowed for better debate.

Democracy in summary is all about either having your cake or opting to eat the same.
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