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Owning Our Identity

I believe all truly independent republics feature some variation of the right to self-determination. Israel is not exempt here. Does that word "Jewish" occupy the same emotional place as the word "Arab" or "Muslim," words that make reference to a people's characteristic or religion?

Is Netanyahu pro-ultra nationalists? I base that on this: "...Instituting a loyalty oath and demanding external recognition of a "Jewish state" is the next dangerous step in allowing the ruling coalition of ultra-nationalists and ultra-Orthodox to define who is Jewish, who is Israeli, and who is 'loyal.' " I haven't got that distinction clearly.

If Bibi is on the side of the radicals (ultra-nationalists and suchlike), then there is indeed a case for the electorate (citizenry) reminding him that he doesn't always speak for them. It is also good for Israeli citizens to guard against the continued international isolation such negative acts can cause to their already battered image.

However, the right to define themselves as they feel they ought to remains squarely with Israelis.
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