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Offense? Insult? The Firing of Juan Williams

We live in an age of increased sensitivity, mostly imagined. We see slights in just about anything fellow humans do, we hear it in what they say, and simply live life either being a victim or benefiting from such a state.

Do comedians know something about liberty that most of us sensitives don't? Comics routinely make fun of selves, their communities, leaders, and all manner of relatable topics, helping us confront such and be more aware of our immediate environments.

Again, I'm not saying Juan Williams firing wasn't in order, just wondering if his sentiments regarding Muslims isn't a storm in a tea cup.

While not condoning making racist statements or simply distasteful utterances in bad taste, there is still a case for us not taking ourselves too seriously and learning to keep open minds in all things. Someone observed that an open mind lends itself to infection, but it also plays a massive part in avoiding knee-jerk reactions that emanate from simple misunderstandings. A middle ground should be found.

After all, it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who spoke of truth being found, not in the thesis nor the antithesis, but in an emergent synthesis that reconciles the two. There is still a place for wit, banter, stereotypical jokes, all within an environment of maturity and reason.
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