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Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck's Message

I'd be more worried about the fact that older Mormon prophecy, before the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, was pro-slavery and thus anti-abolitionism. In fact, the darker skinned negro was said to have been descended from the biblical nephilim (offspring of angels and human females, and fathers of giants like Goliath).

If it's from such history that this megalomaniac is borrowing his lessons from, there is all-round danger from more than just the White House and political goings on. Why can't Beck be stopped once and for all, the tenets of American democracy notwithstanding? Is there justification for continued character assassination and paranoid-driven and unfounded conspiracy theories? He's an insult to American thinking; a blot on the whole concept of Americanness, premised on liberty, freedom and universal brotherhood.
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