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The Success and the Failures of the Religious Right

Past achievement can easily make us lose focus of present reality. You cannot take anything away from any religious movement, not even Islam with its uniting of disparate pagan Arab tribal groupings together. However, all in this life should have disclaimers; that pinch of salt, through which they should be judged.

The likes of Beck and Palin, and all those alarmist conservatives do represent the religious right, yet their use of lies of either induce fear or plainly libel individuals is well documented. It's arguable that their very actions have also led to erosion of beliefs among the populace. These cannot be justified on the basis of past achievement. It's factual that the founding fathers possessed religious beliefs, and that abolitionists and anti-slavery crusaders, the likes of Sir William Wilberforce too, but there are clear failings by this group in society.

Who practices intolerance more in America than the religious right? Who falsifies birth records of prominent figures like Obama if not this group? Who does the colloquialism "WASP" in Ameripolitics refer to? Who does the Fox network speak for? Who opposes immigrants and persecutes them in the guise of purifying the nation?

If the right is keen on judging anyone deemed different from them, why shouldn't they be subjected to similar treatment and standards?
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