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I, Sanchez

The chief problem with handling such a story is that "accidents of birth" (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr), race, religion (not purely one), culture and so on often cloud stories. The world needs more hip-shooters to call things as they are. An organization could well be staffed by seniors fitting a certain profile, but sometimes someone is needed to identify the Emperor as naked. Could be what Sanchez meant to say. I would much rather hear such honesty than be lied to by hypocrites.

We're in a temporal dispensation where truth is rationed out like other resources, and the honest are punished for speaking truths out loud.

The little I know could be summed up by these words said by Rick Sanchez (about Jon Stewart on 01 October 2010): "...I’ll take the word bigot back; I’ll say prejudicial (sic) — uninformed...CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart."

I still feel there's too much sensitivity on matters of race. How about acknowledging that they do exist - we all knew that already - and embracing the next (and harder) step, learning from anyone who appears different. All have something to say, and it cannot be dismissed merely because of differences in melanin (skin pigmentation), or regions where we all hail.

In future, sack the Rick Sanchez's for professional misconduct or incompetence, not speaking out truths.
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