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What on Earth Are America's Friends to Say?

At the point of redundancy, all wars in whatever forms are needless and rather juvenile - whatever pretext is used. What is the difference, other than cost, between a "simple" bar brawl and the "war against terror"? Hard to say.

It started out as a war against terror but is now more a means to "teach" western democracy to an "oppressed" people. Please! Regardless of who began it, and it's well known it isn't the Obama admin, just eat humble pie like in Vietnam, withdraw, and help the nations rebuild. Continued debate about this war is pointless. Soldiers on the frontline are human, they get tired and disillusioned and do things they'd ordinarily never do.

It's no justification for wrong acts, but only God knows what these young people have undergone. The scars from war will haunt their lives forever, just like all war vets today. This is just one more opportunity for bloodletting. End the whole nonsense and now!
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