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<em>Shadow Elite</em>: The Small Government Lie - How <em>Both</em> Parties Stood By as Our Government Burned

Interesting area of debate. What should form government priority? The people from whom it gets its funding, yeah even the Gene Cranick's, or should it walk around with some list of taxpayers who will receive first priority in services? Is Cranick any less of a citizen as others who pay up their required fees? Should the ordinary citizen give up on the government altogether and seek own solutions to problems? Who is the government anyway? Isn't it the very Cranick whose house the fire department allowed to burn?

Government would ordinarily arrest Cranick for non-payment of tax, right? Why then should his house be allowed to burn just because he's not paid up the requisite fees? I don't envy the government in this one.

The citizen must come first and this is one area politics is totally incapable of dealing with. Thomas Browne: Government is too big and important to be left to politicians.
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