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Superman Does Not Exist and Teachers' Unions are Not the Villains

I generally love the ideas you've postulated, especially support for schools nationwide and parents, plus continual development. Ideas are dynamic and teachers should indeed keep up.

Just a side note, even Superman does have sidekicks to aid him. Cartoon buffs would link the man in a red cape to Batman and teams like the Justice League. He might have to shoulder much of the physical burden, but he does need skills from other super heroes.

I believe that is the article's underlying focus. If governments the world over were to turn inwards and obsessively think about their people first, funding devoted to the military and other expensive consumables would be massively reinvested in education, health and other social welfare initiatives. Therein lies much of the public funds needed to implement proposed point four above.

Of course it won't happen. The public wage bill is big, military conquest creates opportunities for political elites and contractors (jobs abroad) and bankers (who never lose anyway). Meanwhile an annual school dropout rate of about 364,000 goes unnoticed, all the while people wondering why the prison population keeps rising (check out Bill Gates' comment on Oprah last week in the article). Priorities.
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