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Obama Calls the Question on Geithner

Wow to the analysis. Sounds, from the article, that all the Obama administration was doing is apply band aid to severe wounds. Was it damage control or some attempt at finding solutions. Instead of apportioning blame as suggested by some, why not solve it first then discuss options when the whole mess is getting cleaned up? At this precise moment, who started the fire isn't as important as putting it out.

As pointed out, the US economy is in more trouble than 90s Japan, in the sense of massive debts and deficits especially from a trade point of view. Seems to me like Obama's regime is making an attempt to resolve this, beginning with an honest audit of what banks are really up to. Will the financial sector reforms eventually reach the privileged and seemingly untouchable Wall Street? That coupled with this veto might prove quite a blow to Geithner, a product (and beneficiary) of WS.
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