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US Bases Abroad Trigger Suicide Terrorism: Are There Other Options?

There are two principle things the US needs to critically revisit. One, the world has changed drastically since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and two, cultures are vastly different, with the Occidental (western) way of thought vastly differing from the Middle Eastern orientation.

Each of these is unique, not inferior or superior, and unless the local worldview's fully understood, such challenges as protests and feelings of occupation will justifiably persist. I am not once arguing that targeting bases for bombings is justified, but neither is occupation of a free and proud people.

To lose that tag of perceived arrogance, and that's what it is, perceived, the US should work more on partnerships and ensure win-win situations for all involved. Listening to local sentiments is the surest way to earn respect, with minimal imposition of American foreign policy. We all need all the allies we can muster, as they are the ones who come to our aid when we're down.

In this globalization environment, no one person or nation has solutions to all that afflicts people. Each offers something different, all of which together can be harnessed. The easiest step for the US to take would be withdrawal.
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