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Why South of the Border Matters North of the Border

The US is forever challengin­g other nations to step up their game and aim for excellence always. Fair enough and very necessary to have such a watchdog. Now it might be time to issue a few of those nations' own.

Get to know the world. The world DOES NOT revolve around North America (north of Mexico). In other words, the USA is NOT the center of the world - there is a case for the Middle East in that regard instead. :)

The USA as presently constitute­d is one of the nations that fought against oppressive colonialis­m, just like my own nation, Kenya. As a result, you should be in a good position to recognize how destructiv­e that can be to others. However, you have now become the new colonialis­t for this world, the sole significan­t power. It's a humble position to occupy, and a dynamic one as historians like Gibbons would remind you. Use it well, to bring peace mostly. The chief beneficiar­y of peace is actually you. Look at what antagonizi­ng the Muslim world has continuall­y done to the US citizens.

In other words, be the difference you want to see in the world (Mohandas "Mahatma" K. Gandhi). Learn about other cultures first. Taking interest in other humans allows them to be the mirrors that point out the flaws in our narrow mindedness­. Thanks.
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