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Not Worth It: First Day of Libya Strikes Cost More Than $100 Million

I see uncanny parallels between USA's entry into this situation and the country's behavior over Vietnam in the sixties. In both, no official invite came, neither was there much debate, but the cost is still felt to date. I won't go much into subsequent conflicts in between.

War is clearly big business. Ammunition must be supplied and all manner of equipment, finances have to be secured (raise your hands banks), and employment has to be created (who works factories and machines?) It's economics, stupid! So, nothing new here. About announcing terms of engagement­. It can be done loudly (WMDs anyone?) or stealthily as here.

In any of the scenarios the outcome remains the same. Creation of unnecessar­y conflict and related antagonism­, needless deaths, damage that can later be "rectified­" (ECON 101) and future movie scenarios (Hollywood­, one of the world's most successful propaganda machines ever).

To some extent, there is even no news factor here. US society (on behalf of any that's been involved in conflict before) is still underwriti­ng Vietnam (just llike the UK and WW I and II). If you think it gets worse wait till the shit of Afghanista­n, Iraq and now Libya hits the fan.
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