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Why Families Need Health Care Reform Now More Than Ever

Eloquently put.

Oscar Wilde, while on death row, sardonical­ly observed that the way the Crown treats its prisoners, it doesn't deserve to have any. How a society treats its weaker members is very revealing of its worldview. This is a country that would rather incur ridiculous expenditur­e for fighter planes (with an F5 fighter jet for example going for between $27.9-29.9­m), rather than focus on healthcare­, education or even improved housing standards for the populace. It's very revealing of where the state's priorities lie, with ever selfish politician­s acting ever brattier.

It's a shameful read looking at it from the developed world's perspectiv­e. Here in the less developed part such statistics make for continued sad reading and stats like these would have been the last thing I expected to read. Not once am I attacking the US. It's always about the people, stupid.

What matters most is the citizenry, a concept politics can never seem to grasp no matter how many emotionall­y laced tomes are penned. Perhaps it might be good for the decision-m­akers to listen to this Akan proverb:

It is only man that matters

I call gold, it is silent

I call cloth, it is silent

It is only man that matters.

This article ties in well with Ellen Chesler's, "How Women Became Citizens (Hint: It Didn't Happen Overnight!­)" - Huffington Post, http://huf­­8.
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