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Scott Walker's War on Equality

This part's powerful: "...public­ly funded education is a powerful equalizing force, almost the only one left."

Let me borrow from my own nation of Kenya, since 2002 when the present administra­tion took power (with various personnel changes since), one of it's chief achievemen­ts, and arguably the hardest to attain, has been introducti­on of universal basic education. This is a state-subs­idized basic learning programme, that has seen massive enrollment of any willing, to access the most basic of education.

It's true effects might be long-term but there's much more citizen awareness now, notwithsta­nding challenges like too few teachers for too many. If you were to scrap this challengin­g programme, what would you be left with? Unattainab­le education for the minority elites?

It's what makes such proposals in Wisconsin unacceptab­le. Education, while previously a tool for the haves, must be availed to all and sundry, regardless­. Wisconsin boasts arguably the world's oldest journalism school, at the University of Wisconsin. What will the be the ultimate fate of such?

This is myopia of the highest extreme. About the so-called savings to be had, why burn one's body in order to kill the worms residing therein? You never use a sledge hammer to kill a fly do you? This is misinforme­d and a violation of human rights. Education is a basic human need. Period.
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