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Orioles Fan Removed From Game For Allegedly Making Racist Comments About Rays' B.J. Upton

The details are sketchy from this story but if true, my chief sympathies lie with the so called fan. Racist thinking reveals just how small, ignorant and paranoid our minds are. It is to me a disease along the lines of AIDS, with seemingly no mortal cure present.

The presence of more melanin in our skin pigment cannot explain the true quality of any one individual­. Having more or less, regardless of how much prima facie evidence some branches of learning present, is not a foolproof predictor of who a person truly is. It would apply to other factors like height, age, weight, gender.

The racist is a person in critical need of education and sympathy - not when they commit criminal acts like murder though - a situation I'd liken to insanity. It's an exaggerate­d position held against others we perceive to be different from us. What the racist doesn't know is that other can also choose to apply similar principles towards you.

At the base of such belief is fear, of the paranoid sort. It is that kind of fear that led demagogues like Hitler to unite the frustrated German populace against minorities - Jews, Poles, Czechs, Gypsies. It is what leads to bigoted acts as genocide.

Despite the need for sympathy, no room must be allowed for this kind of bullshit. Small children often play innocently oblivious to such issues. It is the adults who introduce such thinking. This must stop and that "fan" must be made
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