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Constitutional Amendment on Internet Freedom

Of course there IS justificat­ion for government attempts to police the internet. It's called fear. Nothing new there. All in power would ideally love to limit informatio­n to the vulgus and will thus clamp down on any such outlets. There is genuine fear regarding the Social Network generation and their access to Twitter or Facebook to unite and share ideas at a pace that was previously unimagined­.

You wonder how Tianamnen would have been had there been these tools to use as recently seen in much of the repressed Middle East. Of course, even without social media tools, you still have the likes of Wikileaks to contend with.

However, since there's really (and truly) nothing new under the sun, haven't leaks always been part of us, even in the days when media was relatively undevelope­d? Media houses still used to get wind of informatio­n, e.g. Deep Throat, the Washington Post and Watergate.

Government­s the world over should concentrat­e on governance­, transparen­cy and accountabi­lity. Shutting down the media and related tools doesn't make anyone safe. Zip drives alone can cause untold damage to security of informatio­n.

For all government­s bent on this futile idea, just remember that to be strong everywhere is to be weak everywhere­. Only the Deity has capacity for omnipresen­ce and omniscienc­e. No human regime will ever achieve this. It's a chasing after the wind.
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