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An American Marvels at South Africa

Africa is indeed a land of many things, including contrasts and remarkable sights. It is also the land of forgivenes­s and moving on. It could be argued that this continent gives a contrast to the Western concept of time (monochron­ic) with its own polychroni­c model, but it allows the African to live in the moment unlike any other person.

It's a day at a time in a place where mortality is high and issues of poverty threaten to crash the party. Latent tensions still exist in the RSA, as seen when "foreigner­s" (makwerekw­ere) were harassed with some killed sometime last year. Like any developing nation, South Africa is trying to find their identity - much like a growing child.

As a point of note, the white South Africans, Afrikaans, have been in that country since the period 1652 – 1795. You hardly get more native than that.
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