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War in Libya: Barack Obama Gets in Touch With His Inner Neocon

Unsure about how many agree here but the US action is full of contradict­ion. The Occident in particular has largely tolerated Zimbabwe, a country noticeably lacking in oil, but opted to carry out this anti-Libya­n aggressive stance in Iraq.

About Muammar being a dictator..­.from when exactly? Is it in 1969 when he seized the reins of power, or in the 1980s when he and Ronald Reagan engaged in verbal sparring and internatio­nal embargoes following the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland? Is it after the recent clamour for him to vacate the presidenti­al seat? It's a bemusing situation full of contradict­ions any way you look.

The US for long knew about the dictatoria­l (even maniacal) tendencies of the Saddam Husseins's and Manuel Noriega's, but as long as these served the West's interests, they were tolerated. The former was even linked with chemical weapons, technology the US (through the CIA) had availed during Hussein's alliance against the Ayatollah'­s Iran! Come on!

Obama is just one more US president bending to the whims of faceless warmongers­. Regardless of whether it's manipulati­on of the president, it's hardly a new act. That doesn't justify what is going on but it's just in line with global imperialis­tic tendencies powers tend to exercise, in a bid to flex muscle. Nothing really new under the sun here.

Meanwhile the truth of the Swahili saying comes true, that grass gets hurt when the bulls fight. Speak of a no win situation!
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