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Arab-Style Democracy: The Answer to the Post Dictatorship Era

All order must come to pass. It's not a when, but an if. The truest solutions from my observatio­n are home grown. Ultimately­, our cultures are very different and the only thing we should focus on is borrowing best practices from others, but within the confines of our own environmen­t.

Even what is commonly labelled democracy is not word for word what the Greeks had in mind. It has been tailored for the people applying it. I don't fault Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and his Ujamaa philosophy­, essentiall­y a Tanzanian interpreta­tion of the Marxist principles he so admired. While it proved a bit deficient economical­ly, it still left his nation strongly united as a society. That to me counts as a success story. It is what experiment­s, of which Western-st­yle democracy is one, should be.

I also pray that the Arab world gets the kind of progressiv­es that will help change those societies, just like Kemal Ataturk and his Young Turk revolution following years of Ottoman rule in Turkey. I too hope any such solution will take cognizance of the Arabic heritage, diverse as it is, and the strong value system it has, without forgetting it's enormous contributi­on to modern human thinking.
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