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Putin: Libya Intervention Is like 'Crusades'

While there are never any winners from war, what does Putin's mean with his cryptic words though? On one hand there is the Libyan population­'s intention to remove their leader for the last 42 years (yes, since 1969). That is democracy right there. Gadaffi's refused to go and keeps acting arrogant and defiant - his language actually resembles Saddam Hussein's "Mother of all wars" taunt.

On the other hand, firing of missiles will actually create a humanitari­an crisis, with many civillians dying as collateral damage. Where is the balance here? Is the US action entirely justified? Is Putin's alarmist view of this situation, with invocation of religiousl­y colored terms like "crusades" justified or irresponsi­ble?

There is also the element of hypocrisy with Libya joining Iraq and Kuwait as possessing oil. Did Mugabe's Zimbabwe escape similar attention due to possessing no such resource? Reeks of double standards.

My point is anyway you consider this situation, it is the innocent that will suffer, chiefly among them Libyans. While their president might later get caught, ala Saddam, it will be a pyrrhic victory, wrought under too high a cost I'm afraid.

War is indeed hell.
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