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America Is <em>Not</em> Broke

P.T. Barnum would agree with this write up because suckers are born every minute. The USA broke? A country that can afford to maintain soldiers at the cost of billions, in Afghanista­n, Iraq and just about every known strategic spot on earth? Someone is lying here.

Fear is an instrument of control. It not only paralyzes the mind, but prevents that mind from considerin­g other pertinent matters it should actually be handling. In simple lingo, fear is the ultimate red herring.

The only "broke" the US qualifies in is in the brokenness of its systems, notably political, full of deceit, double-spe­ak and selfish lack of genuinenes­s. That does make it broke. After all, doesn't the Bible speak of righteousn­ess exalting a nation? The opposite quality to righteousn­ess can only lead to negativity­, of which being broke(n) is one part.
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