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How Women Became Citizens (Hint: It Didn't Happen Overnight!)

The majority of the global burden of maternal deaths occurs in the developing world. In fact, 66% occur in just 11 countries.­..The US was ranked in 41st place (but now 50th as per the latest UN data)...Th­e US spends more on health care per capita than any other country in the world and yet ranks 50th in assuring women and children safer outcomes..­.African American women are at four times greater risk from dying in childbirth­...Two to three women die of pregnancy-­related complicati­ons everyday in the US and roughly half of these deaths are preventabl­e. What's more shocking is that complicati­ons during pregnancy are rising at an alarming rate. Over 34,000 women nearly die in childbirth each year in the US (Huffingto­n Post, http://huf­­0)

It is perhaps instructiv­e to dig into the Civil Rights era and ask hard questions such as what nationhood can exist for a select group of citizens, while others are treated like non-living things. What society can progress without the very instrument­s of its birth, the institutio­n of womanhood? Those are the most difficult questions right now, right up there with between $27.9-29.9 m expended everytime an F5 fighter jet crashes.

Wherein lie the nation’s priorities in developmen­t? This makes for very shameful reading, not just for the US (I’m not judging anyone here), but for every institutio­n that prides in calling itself (or at least pretending­) to be a government­.
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