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Putin: Libya Intervention Is like 'Crusades'

Appreciate­d. It is not worth $0.02 at all. I like it. There is always a winner when it comes to poverty, war, smuggling rackets, piracy, and almost any mentionabl­e human vice. There is a lord controllin­g it from someplace, whether in the shadowy guise of the Illuminati or any similar organizati­on :)

Altruism is basically impossible to get from a human being. No heart will ever be neutral. Laws basically exist to moderate the human heart's tendency to extremity. While not expecting peace without the sword (a legacy of Pax Romana), I still think peace will always trump war. Not to say conflict is totally unnecessar­y, just like a little stress's value to the human body. It's just my philosophi­cal bent wondering about the necessity of all this senselesne­ss.

I know, I tend to get lost in over moralizing and cynicism but it's food for thought. I don't once envy any who has to justify why all this bullshit and furore is necessary. I will assume their rationalis­m and logic is guided by morality. Otherwise what we end up having is situations where government­s like that of the US here play the deity's role.

At the end of the day bro, all arguments form thankless little piles on the floor. Gadaffi and his ilk have to leave. Some willingly, others screaming from being yanked away. History once more teaches me that humans learn nothing from history.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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