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Libyan Rebels Try To Regroup After Setback

To borrow from renown African scholar, Prof. Ali Mazrui, that the biggest problem left behind by colonialis­ts in this continent is the standing army. The barracks have always held African government­s by their privates in a blackmail kind of relationsh­ip.

It is doubly sad when a nation's military, meant to protect countries against external aggression­, is turned inward on the citizenry as is the case here. I will not moralize on the pros and cons facing Gadaffi's government (many of which I also hear from the internatio­nal media), but it is unfortunat­e it's got to this stage.

Gadaffi has held power since 1969. Surely, isn't there anyone else suited to rule Libya? Is power the preserve of this guy? Why not just step aside as the dissenting voices are asking, or at least create an avenue to get challenged­? I know it only sounds easy. Power does corrupt, but as Lord Acton aptly pointed, absolute power corrupts absolutely­.

Ultimately­, such power games might be what prompted Thomas Browne to remark that government is too big and important to be left solely to politician­s. Gadaffi must leave, sooner and not later. Shame on him.
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