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Federal Judge Favors NFL Union Over Owners In TV Dispute

Not disparagin­g anyone here, but with all these stories of Unions vs employers and partly state (like in Wisconsin)­, doesn't Joe Public worry that businesses will go out of business and franchises like in the NFL go bust? If the financial model keeps getting rigged against owners, won't sport (or business for that matter) as we know it today die?

I'm not on the side of the owners, I being part of the employeds all over the world, but just wondering what the future holds even if economies survive the current hardships. Something WILL have to give here. Spending and overheads seem to be spiraling, while earnings seem to be dwindling. Government meanwhile is merely the moderator of it all, not able (unwilling or whatever) to intervene.

While sounding off the majority mood, it's still food for thought. Resources aren't infinite, while nothing lasts forever (granted). I wonder what the future holds for all in today's crazy global economy.
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