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The Changing Situation in Egypt: Reflections on Military Detention

"It isn't enough to talk about peace, one must believe it. And it isn't enough to to believe in it, one must work for it." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

It is merely for the above reason that the People will win against the Republic in Egypt. What the oppressed vulgus have stood up for is water to the government­'s wall. All avenues can be sealed to prevent the flow, but what can stop that flow at all?

Despots like Mubarak WILL fall, followed like dominoes by any of similar bent. You can't stop the flood that is coming at you. Give peace a chance, it will conquer your military and cause even bullets to flower.

After all, it was country singer, Don Williams, who sang that time can even turn diamonds to dust. The diamond of any oppressive legacy will become dust, sooner or later (doesn't matter), to be trampled underfoot by the ghosts of all you've dismembere­d on your path. Why resist the inevitable­?

Mubarak and his cohorts have been served.
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