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Fearing Truth: Why Do Prosecutors Fight Against Post-Conviction DNA Tests?

The Bible is full of language indicative that Satan and The Christ are lawyers, presenting many battles over souls to the Deity in argument form. While lawyers are trustees of the justice systems, they often complicate the simplest, most mundane things with incessant haggling over minors. The article provides adequate examples of such cases.

What happened here to such principles as it being better to let one guilty individual off than convict an innocent? I'm not siding with the aforementi­oned prisoners, but they are still human beings aren't they? Why deny them a shot at humanity? If your case has been well argued, and a source of confidence to the lawyer, why is there fear to be ruled or overruled?

I would challenge this legal systems with Sherlock Holmes thought that truth is anything left behind, however unpalatabl­e, after all alternativ­es have been exhaustive­ly explored. Therein lies room for surprises, such as the most obvious being disproved.

There is little justice in these accounts, just plenty of travesties­.
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