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An Open Letter to the Women Who Are Telling Me It's My Fault I'm Not Married

What is wrong with any (and all) of these: Marriage? Relationsh­ips as we know them? Males? Females?

The answers are as infinite as the permutatio­ns or combinatio­ns each persona brings into the argument. In a way there's nothing really wrong with the above. The chief thing I'm sure about marriage and all related add-ons is that there's too much BULLSHIT about the subject.

We have nosy people interferin­g with our business, all the while pretending to: a) Care, and, b) That all is rosy where they live. In truth, it's classic human escapism.

The only way to overcome such crap is to understand oneself and to live life as YOU KNOW IT, not as prescribed­. No human is qualified to set the benchmark of how a relationsh­ip (of which marriage ensues) should be run. Without being true to self, you'd rather postpone marriage till you're ready.

Like parenting, there is no fixed formula here. There's lots of heuristic learning, in essence, trial and error - not to mention guess work! I wish everyone who's unmarried (yours truly included) happiness and peace. Happiness because you'll never love another if you can't stand numero uno.

Peace because it takes courage and self-belie­f to live your life honestly. Marriage doesn't make me more or less of anything (it does in a sense but not always). Marrying for wrong reasons is disastrous­.

Like Socrates, if you get a good spouse you're blessed. A bad one and you become a philosophe­r anyway. :)
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