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Do the Unemployed Face More Discrimination Than African-Americans?

"If you think about the talent in that unemployed market, you would realize that companies rarely lay off their best skilled workers... it's people that aren't top performers­. So if you're ABC Corporatio­n and you're trying to hire the best salesperso­n out there, and you're looking at unemployed people, it might not be the group of people with the best skills."

I love this one. So you're where you are entirely on merit, because no one can do what you currently are doing better than you. Really? Has any of us not benefited from wells we didn't dig, roads we never built, school curricula we never originated­, books we never authored, and nations that were built on the toil of others' sacrifice?

So where have we actually "earned" the right to speak thus? You're where you are partly because you weren't aborted. So, did you also "earn" the right to be born, say over that aborted infant who never made it?

There are two things that are infinite, hydrogen and stupidity, and I cannot much vouch for the latter (paraphras­e of Einstein).
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