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Women in Congress -- Don't Sweat the Numbers

At no time would I be so parochial as to support the marginalization of any grouping in society. I believe in the most qualified filling their rightful position at all times. I simply wish these "debates" would move from "man" or "woman" (on behalf of any other such title), and to the more pertinent issues of justice, respect for the other, and access to as many rights as possible for all others.

At the end of the day, the truth is, it's not just about men and women, but more importantly about elites versus non-elites. Only recently have we seen a relatively poor man, Obama, win the coveted number one seat. Isn't that more of a victory to the have nots, that they too can dream?

I'm not once downplaying what this article is, and all articles have some spin they represent. It's more of a challenge to us all to see to it that no group is left behind by the train of progress (and development), whoever that group is or whatever our thoughts about that group are.

That is the start of a truly just society.
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