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George Bush's Deception Points

Too many things have been said about Bush's arrogance and manipulation by associates like Cheney. I can't add or compete with that.

I still feel that the transition from Bush to Obama is indicative of the weakening of old money and suchlike influence. I didn't say wealthy elites like the Bush family or Kennedys will never play their part in American politics. They still will, in fact this time behind the scenes which might even be more dangerous.

The gradual shift away from such individuals is positive for American politics and its future. To me, the real war criminals are the likes of Bush and Blair, two who influenced war under pretext. Bush might be a hero to a clique, possibly drawn from Texas and white supremacists, but their influence will wane. Nothing lasts forever. Just look at South Africa and the gradual weakening of the Afrikaaners after the death of people like Blanche.

Bush is no one's hero, just a glorified war criminal who has put the world at large in danger from the backlash of fundamentalism. Why on earth would Nairobi have to be bombed because of a very remote (and removed) "war on terror"?
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