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Does Social Security Have WMD?

A disgrace playing about with the future of individuals; a future based on enormous self-sacrifice such as Social Security.

Life is a cyclical belief in hard work and sacrifice, followed by a generation that has not undergone such pain. Such a generation can quickly deplete what they find from their predecessors, and a situation will force them to sober up - just as baby boomers did - and relearn such discipline. It's sad though using this Fund as a red herring and possible cash cow.

Expenditure is already too high in some areas, namely defense spending. This is where money meant for healthcare, education, all on behalf of myriad other social welfare programs. Funds like Social Security (pensions) and any pro-people sources of money should be left alone. Only government reprioritization will avail much needed funds for developmental activity.

I agree on two fronts, Social Security cannot spend more than it makes, and that it's a pure diversion from other real issues. There is no crisis on this Fund and if not broken what is being fixed?
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