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The Olbermann Suspension and Corporate Media

All major revolutions were sparked by power games such as what's been listed above. France's revolution, the Bolshevik revolt in Russia, Rome's power games, call it. What would happen if the continued merging of media houses into fewer conglomerates was a consumer matter? What if the software industry only comprised of one of Microsoft or Google? I'm sure consumer groups would be up in arms.

All societies need the voice of news, especially that alternative voice. Whether that alternative voice belongs to extremist groups like the NF (France), BNP (England) or various supremacist groups in the US, it helps an individual make a balanced choice as regards their life.

What happens when ever fewer elites amass power or concentrate the powers of dissemination among them? Why should any such be allowed such power over other people?

The danger of right wing media outlets such as FOX is they shape policy, e.g. foreign ~, or policies towards government and taxation, all of which ultimately affects unsuspecting Joe Public. Joe Public in turn is robbed of the opportunity to choose for self.

If that's not a form of dictatorship, I shudder to find a relevant example.
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