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Am I Better Than Facebook?

Facebook is simply a realistic measure of today's modern, but very chaotic lifestyles we live. Period. How shallow are we today? In a way, a lot. We're inundated with tonnes of information, which bombard us from all possible angles (and more), and we can barely keep afloat. Add to that the generally fast-paced urban lifestyle and breakdown in culture, a vacuum that must be replaced by something else.

In that sense, Facebook isn't any different from the world portrayed in "Surrogates" (the film), where I can leave my humdrum reality and plug into an alternate universe of my own making, entirely devoid of inhibitions that hold me back in real life. However, it boils down to the same principles that govern accumulation of wealth, taking alcohol or piling up educational achievements.

None of those will ever be a substitute for personal insecurities or character flaws. What actually saddens and sometimes disturbs me is there is a group of people who cannot distinguish between realities, leading to enormous personal frustrations and social misfits.

I'm more a fan of Twitter, but use Facebook to share my love of sports with fellow fans. I'm not sure what profile that makes me fit but I long gave up on the tedium of excessive socialising, FB-style.
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