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The Real Center of American Politics: A Reflection on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

A comedian and madman have something in common. They're able to laugh at self and society at large, and work outside the bounds of norms, all without repercussions that "normal" people would suffer.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ARE the voice of reason here. When all rationality, education and experience has failed Joe Public, you need a neutral voice; a voice outside Washington and the so-called corridors of power to speak up. I still think this rally should have happened sooner.

The chief lesson I draw from Ameripolitics and this piece is humans, regardless of melanin content, remain the same. The nature of the beast is beastly, the environment notwithstanding. I wouldn't say Stewart is totally right, having benefited largely from the very things he makes fun of, but he might just be the right guy to make such fun.

All in all, it's a timely reminder to all people to wrest back power from the politicians and take active charge of the processes that will ultimately affect them.
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