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Eliminating Earmarks Cuts No Spending

Wastage by government will always exist, so long as the following are present: 1) Lack of patriotism, 2) Lack of respect for the other, 3) Greed, 4) Partisan interests in matters.

Legislature, like anywhere power is concentrated, is a club. Combined with a siege mentality and cognitive innoculation, such a group can easily mistake others' needs for what is important to them. We talk about cutting public expenditure but bailouts to the problematic financial sector remain. You talk about cutting down on overheads yet defense spending is in the runaway stage, connected contractors scheme to make money from Uncle Sam with the collusion of willing legislators, and so on.

Meanwhile what affects the masses at community level, education, taxation, social welfare programs of whatever kind, housing and suchlike all take a back seat to games like "earmarks". There'll never be true fiscal reforms when the factors listed above, and many more, exist.

Congress, as always with politicians, is missing the forest for the trees.
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