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10 Commandments to Revive Progressives After the November Defeat

Very idealistic points. The emerging key here is how courageous is Obama as a person? Is he willing to sacrifice a second term by going gung ho on a new political direction, inspired by JFKesque idealism? The key challenge is defining who the "enemy" is in American politics. Is it members of the political party that opposes your every move? Is it citizens of states that are openly anti any policy of yours? Is it even ideology and related philosophical differences?

The ideas given come from organized religion, philosophy and theories of altruism. While they will prove an ideological bridge too far, they are critically important as the benchmark by which all politics should be played.

I can only hope to see such realized - who'd have thought Obama would have been elected to the US presidency and thus prove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's words right? - either in my lifetime under this president, or in future under any other.
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