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Power and Passion

The only thing I'm sure about from all debates that dissect this president and his style, is I don't once envy his job or position.

While it's not his work to please, it is also not his work to displease, but more to do what he has to do to move things. It's not his fault that the economy was in the rut it still is, nor his fault that the US was more or less at war with the world through various guises, notably Islam. What can he do, if at all? He can call for a withdrawal, he can attempt or just plain rein runaway Wall Street, and can oppose unfair attacks on his person from the so-called Right Wing.

Above all, as a partisan, and he IS a Dem, he can define or redefine what his party is about and help clarify nagging doubts that link it with right, left or centre. That too can form a major part of any legacy Obama leaves behind. He has the unenviable, and very difficult task, of thinking big (nationally), while seeing details or small things (his own party politics). In that sense he can be like the first incarnation of Tony Blair, and the redefining of Labour into a slightly moderate New Labour.

I'd say Obama's White House needs to remember that they represent a Democratic administration, and that perception is both fickle and dynamic. Work on the small things and the rest is forgivable.
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